Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Living Room

Living Room Posted by Hello
This is our living room. To the left of the sofa on the left are the doors to the balcony. As you can see, we need some art and color. I am thinking that we need a natural fiber rug and some accent pillows. We also need a coffee table. On the right side of the photo you can barely see the pocket doors that separate this room. We leave them open, but I think in the winter we might close off rooms that we're not using. We don't have central heat. We'll just be using plug-in radiators. There's no point in heating all the rooms if you're not in them. We bought our sofas at Ikea. They're great, but not as wonderful as my Mitchell Gold sofa in the US.

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At 10/26/2004 4:24 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

My decorating tip? Let Yaacov do some shopping! :) I can totally tell by the colors in the room that John is doing most of the shopping. Thank goodness Yaacov allows color in his scheme of decorating. Yaacov, send John on an errand and then quickly fill the room with color! But y'all's decorating differences it one of the things that shows that y'all are a perfect match!


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