Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sunset in Tel Aviv

Sunset in Tel Aviv Posted by Hello

Yaacov and I spent the evening with our friend David in Tel Aviv. This photo is from our spot on the beach. The Mediterranean is about 45-50 minutes by car from Jerusalem. You can also take a bus to Tel Aviv, but it takes longer. Yaacov's dad let us borrow his car!


At 10/19/2004 11:45 PM, Blogger Douglas Hill said...

John, I think you will find a lot more Bush supporters than Kerry supporters in Israel. It is my hope that you will never have to endure at close hand the reason why. God luck to you.

At 10/20/2004 12:40 PM, Blogger John said...

Thanks for your good wishes. I think living in Israel is going to be just great! I think that most Israelis love American's no matter their views on US politics. This is because both candidates have indicated their strong support for Israel. Now, there might be a different story among Americans here due to the high number of religious tourists. Most of the Americans I've met that live here however are progressive and support Kerry. As is always the case with developing generalizations from those close to you, I may not have a full picture of all Americans living in Israel.

I am assuming that the reason you feel that there might be more Bush supporters is because of the terrorist threat. Everyone in Jerusalem and all of Israel suffers because of terrorism. The quality of life here is diminished. For example, there has been a big economic impact due to the reduction in tourism. Also the cost of increased security reduces the amount of capital available to re-invest in other projects. So, as I am sure you're aware, there are aspects of terrorism that extend well beyond the bomb site.

But I am not convinced that Mr. Bush and his administration have the right plan for resolving this issue. It seems to me they speak of isolationism and premption (attack them over there before they attack us at home). That might seem like a good solution as long as your not "over there" -- where ever that is. I am not convinced that the Bush administration has done enough for homeland security. Have we been trained on what to do in case of an emergency? Will our 911 system handle it? Are our law enforcement officials organized and capable? Prove it. Because I am not going to believe anything you say now that we know that there are no WMDs in Iraq and that nuclear material didn't come from Africa.

Bush has had 3 years to do something -- he's spent money, but I am not sure it was used in the smartest way...in Iraq, on homeland security, on healthcare...

Bush has recently attacked Kerry as a tax and spend "liberal". The only problem with this name calling is that Mr. Bush SPENDS but doesn't TAX. The deficit spending is not ok -- and neither is spending the surplus.

So, I just don't think that Mr. Bush has a good record on making sense -- in a debate, on foreign policy, on domestic policy (flu shots!), and in Iraq.


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