Monday, November 01, 2004

Back to School

It's a little past 7:00 and I am having breakfast while writing this. (Note to self: buy fresh milk!) I woke up a little before 6:00 and was pleasantly surprised at how bright it is. The sun isn't up all the way, but its light is shining up and over the horizon. It gets dark here at around 5:00pm though. It's so much easier to get moving when the sun's out! I remember those cold, dark winter mornings in NC and driving to Durham to teach or work at the museum. I remember those days when it felt like the sun just came out for an hour around 3:00. Not here, buddy!

So, I am up early today because today is my first day of Ulpan. Ulpan is Hebrew school. I'll be going four hours a day, five days a week for six months. When all my family and friends in the US see me again, I'll be fluent in Hebrew. Neat, huh?! I am a little nervous about going, but I think it will be lots of fun once we get going. I am pretty good with languages, so it should be ok.

Please remember to vote tomorrow. Get familiar with the other races (besides Kerry & Bush) before you go. Many newspapers publish voter guides that describe the candidates for each race so that you can decide for yourself.

Ok, time to brush my teeth and head out. It's a 20 minute walk to school from my home. I don't want to be late on the first day!


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