Monday, November 29, 2004

Greed and Curiousity Killed the Cat

The other day during my favorite part of Ulpan -the break- I went to a little shop a bought a bag of, get this, potato chips! They tasted like home! It was Lays Potato Chips...and nevermind all the Hebrew and Arabic writing on the package and the fact that they were marked as Kosher...they tasted just like the ones at home...nice and greasy. Lovely!

In the bag of chips there was a little packet. It was sort of like a prize in a Cracker Jack box. Inside the little envelope was a card that had the metallic film that you scratch away to reveal your prize. Even though my Hebrew is improving, I couldn't tell where to start scratching as there were several options. When Yaacov got home I shared it with him and we uncovered the first box. I won a free bag of chips! Wahoo! What a great feeling to get something for free. Now there were 3 more boxes that you could uncover. One was 10 NIS (New Israeli Shekel), the other was 100 NIS and the last one, 1000 NIS. You could either win the money or loose everything. I thought about it for a while...I had already won a free bag of chips...I was already a winner. I HAD to try the next box. So, I scratched it off and lost bag of chips.

Gambling makes you feel stupid. I think that after I tried the second box, I felt worse than when I started. It's like if you never try chocolate, how will you know what you are missing?

Right now I am missing my free bag of chips.


At 11/30/2004 3:58 PM, Blogger CJ said...

I thought this was going to be a story about 'fat cat'...



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