Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Two Front Teeth

this posting is back by popular demand!...with some updates!

All I want for Christmas...

There are some products that you just can't get here and if you want to send me a "care package" these would be appreciated more than you know. Yaacov says that I should find products in Israel to take the place of these things, but I've yet to find good replacements to these products.

I REALLY want pictures of everyone. I would LOVE for you to send me a big picture of yourself or your family. You can send the frame if you want, but we DO have frames here in the Holy Land.

other things...

  1. Cetaphil Lotion (Sensitive skin and no fragrance)
  2. Rembrandt Toothpaste Mint Flavor
  3. Bumble and bumble Hair Products I use the Seaweed or Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, Grooming Creme, and Sumotech.
  4. Thorlo Socks
  5. Copies of Dwell Magazine.
  6. You know those homemade crocheted dolls that cover rolls of toilet paper? Well, I want 3 of them...three different ones. Strange, I know.
  7. Good knives (I haven't found any here worth a hoot.)
Shipping things to Israel can be expensive! When you go to the Post Office you can ask for Global Economy Parcel Post. This will get your item to us in 6-8 weeks. It's the cheapest way to send things. The next best option isn't that much more expensive and is Global Airmail Parcel Post. That will get things here in 6-8 days! Be sure to give yourself time to fill out the Customs Form. Be sure to check the box that says GIFT. You don't have to be too specific about the contents. Customs Officials want to make sure it's not business samples or a large enough supply to re-sell. So you can just write "1 bottle of lotion" for example.

Have fun!

UPDATE!: If there is anything that you want from Jerusalem, let me know. I'm talking about olive wood trinkets, post cards, Jesus figurines, Jewish things...

I know the post office works both ways.


At 11/30/2004 3:56 PM, Blogger CJ said...

Hey Dog!!

I thought I'd be cool and comment on your blog instead of replying to an email..I have keep up with the times and all.

That sounds like a good list--I'll be workin on it, k? Except I don't quite understand the crocheted tp dolls--you want to tell people you're from America, then show those things off?? lol..just pickin. Maybe if I were to send you a care package that would help you display your true American roots, I'd send you a hot dog or something....hmmm

Love you!


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