Friday, December 24, 2004

Missing Christmas

I think that this is the first year that I have missed Christmas. It's Christmas Eve and it doesn't feel at all like Christmas here. Sure, the weather is cool (sometimes downright cold!) and there have been some rainy and cloudy days. But for the most part the days here are like beautiful fall days in NC....crisp, cool, dry, with lots of sun. The sun here seems to shine from a different angle. Even on the shortest day the year it's very direct. Today we had showers kind of like the showers we have in the summer in NC. They would last for a minute or two and then the sun shines through.

For the most part, there aren't any decorations in the stores, not really any Christmas music on the radio, and the anticipation of a couple of days of rest after a BIG meal is missing. Life goes on here just like every other day.

What Christmas means to me has evolved over the past few years. I think that I have missed several of the past few holidays with my family to travel off to NYC, Israel, or Paris. Even on the times that I was traveling I was able to get a good dose of holiday cheer. Paris at holiday time is a beautiful thing! But this year I have been away from the holiday buying frenzy, the carols on the radio since Halloween, and from my friends and family.

Yaacov tried to convince me to get a little tree and decorate it for Christmas, but I decided against it. Next year when we have more friends and when we're more settled (yeah right!) we'll have Christmas. I'll bake and make white chocolate covered pretzels. It will be fun. Right now it would just be stressful. We're still arranging furniture and deciding on where things go. I have learned that we're not very good at putting things away and our stuff has a tendency to stay wherever it lands after coming through the door. I want to make room for everything--then we can party.

Well, I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful Christmas wherever you are!


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