Saturday, December 04, 2004

My Big Fat Georgian Circumcision Party

Yaacov's cousin had a baby and this past week we attended the Bris which is the Jewish ritual circumcision and naming ceremony.

The Bris happens eight days after the baby is born. You can read all about the ceremony by clicking HERE.

This was an interesting party. Both sides of Yaacov's family are Georgian. There was a TON of food. Each table was set with full place settings and lots of salads that are typical of Israeli meals. Here "salad" means anything from hummus, to pickled cabbage, to pickled cucumbers, and lots of other tasty items. In the middle of the table was a bottle of Absolute vodka, a warm bottle of white wine, pitchers of water and orange juice, and Coke!

After all of the cutting, it was time to eat. There was a DJ and loud music. We had lots of food (I think that there were four courses) and then there was dancing! Yaacov's aunt dragged me onto the dance floor. It was great seeing everyone having a good time! After the circumcision the baby fell right back to sleep! (Maybe there were drugs involved?)

The party started at about 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. It was great to see a family come together to celebrate a new child.

It was a lot of fun to say the least and the party lasted several hours.


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