Thursday, December 09, 2004

On Being Rude

I am from the Southern United States and we have a long history there of genteel culture (among other things). Maybe this is the the root of my musings today...maybe not. People in Israel are much more "in your face" than in the US. People here will directly express their (dis)satisfaction with you--in traffic, in the shop, wherever. There is not some much concern for being "nice". Now, I don't think that this means that people here are rude or impolite. Just different. It's actually very refreshing.

But somethings are just RUDE and GROSS no matter where you are and I see more of it here than where I lived before. Most of the problems are with men, so guys, listen up!

Public Urination-Guys, keep it in your pants! Just because you have to go doesn't mean that you can! Yaacov was showing me a nice restaurant the other day and around the corner from it these two guys were peeing! Just about every time I have been on a highway in Israel, I have seen a least one person peeing on the side of the road. They have gas stations here. They have bathrooms here. There is really just no excuse for this. It's NOT healthy and it's not ok.

Not Picking Up After Your Dog-I HATE this! If your dog poops, pick it up! Here's the deal. Nobody likes to step in poop, nobody! The other day there was a mountain of dog poop on the sidewalk near our apartment. Seriously, I would hate to see the dog that left that! The reason dog poop is bad is the same reason people don't poop on the street. It's not healthy. Here's why. First, just the poop itself isn't nice. People step in it and smear it on the sidewalk. Then they track it in offices, buildings, and home. Gross! Now, it doesn't rain a lot in Jerusalem, but when it does all of that poop gets washed into the fresh water supply. Of course the water we drink gets treated (we hope). But what about the water in the stream and lakes? All that poop adds up to a real biological hazard. Do you want to swim in the poop soup?! The surplus of nutrients in the poop cause algae blooms. It is NOT good for the environment.

Blowing snot out of your nose without an handkerchief or tissue-Who came up with these snot rockets?! This has GOT to be the most revolting thing I have ever seen!!!! Can't you wait 5 minutes to find some tissue?! If you're congested, take some toilet tissue with you and blow your nose. This is not "rocket" science. People do not want to share in the things that come from your body. Keep them to yourself! Yuck! I think that I am going to start coming up to people and yelling at them and offering them tissues. I have seen this twice here and it turns my stomach.

Maybe in the US we just spend so much time alone in our cars to notice this bad behavior. Maybe people are shooting snot in their vehicles and we just don't see it. Either way, blow your damn nose, pick up after your dog, and hold it to you get to the bathroom!!!!

Ok, I just remembered what started all of this rant...the straw that broke the camel's back, if you will...

This morning on the way to school, I saw a guy shaving himself with an electric razor while waiting at the door for a shop to open. The other week I saw a guy shaving in his car. Here's the problem--all of those little hairs don't evaporate when you shave them. Guys, they end up on your shirt, or in your car...not nice at all. Maybe you're married already and don't care or something, but let me just tell you ...IT'S GROSS! STOP IT! Shave at home! In the bathroom! By YOURSELF!


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