Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The World's Biggest Menorah!

The Jerusalem Municipality, ''Meir Panim'' Organization and ''Ariel'' , in association with The Israel Electric Company built the world's largest menorah in Jerusalem.

The ''Menorah of Lights'' is built in the entrance to Jerusalem. The menorah is 21 meters wide, and has nine branches, each of them 20 meters tall. It is made of 1800 light bulbs, each of them 500 watts strong, and weighs, in total, 50 tons. The menorah produces more light than all the lights along the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway!!!

Yaacov and I saw this last weekend on our way to his parent's house for dinner. It is SO incredibly bright! I had to go back last night (the last night of Hanukkah) and take a photograph. It is like Las Vegas!


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