Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bad Weather

The weather has been really stinky here for the past several days. It's been cold, rainy, and gross! Yaacov and I have both been sick with this strange virus. We didn't have any congestion, but we felt like we had been hit by a truck. We've both been recovering all week. Staying inside was good, because the weather outside was so bad. Seriously, it rained a TON and the wind is horrible here in storms.

I was walking back from ulpan yesterday and there was an older man in front of me carrying his open umbrella. There is a pay-parking lot beside the ulpan with a booth where a guy operates the gates to let cars in and out. Well, right as the guy was walking in front of one of the gates, it started to go up. It caught the guy's umbrella and lifted it up. It really gave the old man a start! For a second or two it seemed like he couldn't decide whether to hold on to the umbrella or to let it go. He let it go, of course, and it flew across the gate area. He was so pissed! It was really funny! They have those gates every where and they all have these really funny stickers warning you to watch out. I'll try to take some pictures of a few.

I walk past this same gate almost every day. It is the epitome of part of Israeli culture. There are about three guys that help operate the parking lot every day. The parking area probably doesn't have more than 50 spaces. But it takes that many guys to run it. Well, from time to time the arms on the gate don't work. So, cars have to back out of the entrance and go in the exit and vice versa. It looks like that the arms get damaged from time to time. I don't think that cars break through them or anything dramatic like that. It's probably crazy Israeli drivers that don't watch where they are going and run into them or trucks that try to squeeze through. Anyway, the arms fall out every once in a while! And I've noticed that they've been getting shorter! One of the guys just goes and pushes it back in! The lot fills up quickly. They "make" parking spaces in the median and on the sidewalk! A line of cars forms at the gate waiting to park. They sit there, honk, complain, and block the road like they are the only people on the planet.


At 1/06/2005 5:54 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Well, I sure am glad that you can walk to Ulpan and not have to worry about sitting in the long line of cars! Remember in college when you had that force field around you? When the guy right in front of you fell off his bike and some guy standing beside you in choir just fell of the riser? That force field must have followed you to Israel!


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