Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Peace Will Guide the Planets

I just tried to upload some pictures but "Hello" (the picture software) is acting funny, so I'll have to try again later.

I woke up today to the sound of sleet and rain outside. I actually got out of the bed at 6:00 and went to turn the hot water on. We have to turn it on so that there is hot water for a shower an hour later. I got back in the bed and when it was time to get up again...well, I didn't. It was so gross outside!

I stayed at home and played hooky from ulpan. It was fun, but I NEED to be in class every day. Each day I am not there, I miss a lot. If I have questions, the teacher says (in Hebrew of course), "We learned this already," and tries to shame me into studying more at home. It doesn't work on me.

Anyhooo, it SNOWED here today! It didn't stick of course, but for an hour or so it was really coming down. It covered cars and such, but didn't last for more than five minutes. I have a picture I wanted to post of it snowing. You really can't tell much from the picture anyway.

For lunch Yaacov and I went to a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. The food is ok, but not as tasty as The Bamboo House in Durham. We ordered and listened. In this tiny restaurant, there were people speaking Hebrew, Chinese, Spanish, and English. It was pretty cool. That's one thing about Israel that's especially neat. There are people here from all over the world.

After lunch I got my hair cut. I go to this guy Hanan (John in Hebrew). He's really tall and skinny and has rock star hair. He wears tight clothes, smokes cigarettes (not while cutting my hair) and lives with his parents (he's just 24). He had a girlfriend, but has a hard time getting dates. His face has pointy features and while he was cutting my hair today I realized that he kind of looks like the blue eagle from the Muppet Show.

My friend Jenn got a job! Yeah, Jenn! So, all of you that I have asked to keep your eyes open for one for her can shut them now.

Two nights ago, after putting together some of the furniture from IKEA, Yaacov and I went to eat at Burger's Bar (That's how they spell it here-really. I don't know where the apostrophe came from...maybe the joint is owned by a guy named Burger?!) Burger's Bar is a cute hamburger place with made to order burgers and chips (fries). We placed our order and sat to wait. Suddenly the power went out. The fans over the grills stopped working and the whole place filled with smoke. We left and realized that there was a spotty power outage in the neighborhood. We walked down the street to find something to eat. We were starving from our construction work. The "golden arches" beaconed to us and I found myself eating a Big Mack with CHEESE! This place wasn't kosher! (Jews don't eat meat and cheese together.) It tasted just like America!

On our way home we were on the same path as a guy singing The Age of Aquarius really loud...at the top of his lungs! No shame at all. It was funny. He was behind us for about 10 minutes and even after we weren't on the same street anymore we could still hear the strains of AQUARIUS! echo through the quiet streets.


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