Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sunburn in February

I think that it was about 80 degrees here today. I am not sure exactly. It's 10:00 and it's 61 degrees F. Winter returns tomorrow with highs of 51 and rain.

Yaacov and I went to a nature park with our friend David and a nice girl that he's dating. There were ruins of Roman waterworks in the park ...ancient drainage system, steps and walls. Things that are so old that they seem part of nature. As if they have always been there. (I'll try to stop writing in fragments.) Spring is coming to Israel and you can feel it. The days are getting longer. Sunlight is becoming more direct. Flowers are blooming.

I got a sunburn today. After our trip to the park, we went to Abu Ghosh, a town outside of Jerusalem to have lunch. It's an Arab town so everything is open there on Shabatt. It's crowded too. Sun, pita, humus, kababs, Diet Coke...what more could you want? We sat outside in a lovely restaurant. I was having so much fun, I didn't realize my arms were turning pink.

Last night Yaacov and I were invited to a dinner party at our friend Avi's house. It was so nice. Good food and good company. On our way there we passed a little pond in a garden that was singing and dancing! The pond was FULL of frogs having sex. They were all awake from their winter nap and were having a party. It looked like frog soup. They were all slipping and sliding over each other. It was like something from the Discovery Channel!

Tomorrow is my last day at my old ulpan or Hebrew school. I am going to a new one on Monday. I am sad to leave the other students, but I think that my new ulpan will be a better fit for me. I hope to make lots of friends and learn some Hebrew too. You can visit the web site of my new ulpan at


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