Friday, February 11, 2005

Wax Paper Update


The other day Yaacov and and I went to the Russian market that sells pork in downtown Jerusalem. We bought pork chops, bacon, and salami. When we got home and unpacked Yaacov noticed that the things we bought were wrapped in wax paper! Now, the amazing thing is that Yaacov noticed this and not me. He is usually oblivious to these kinds of details...wax paper, tissue paper, toilet could all be the same to him, the absent-minded professor.

Yesterday we went back to the market to buy more bacon and to ask about the wax paper. The nice woman that slices our bacon gave us a couple extra pieces of wax paper (not really enough for the art project) and said we could ask the manager about where he buys it. Yaacov asked the manager as we were checking out. He said that he buys it in Tel Aviv. He must have seen the disappointment on my face because he told us to wait and he'd bring us some. He came back with a lot of wax paper. Plenty for my Valentine art project. He totally made my day!

The Valentine's Party is today. Gotta get busy making the apartment look presentable...


At 2/11/2005 3:46 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

That is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for you! And just in the nick of time! And when you move to Tel Aviv, you know you can still get it there. That was so nice of that man to give you some. You should make an extra Valentine project for him and bring it to him as a thank you! Whew! Now I can sleep at night knowing my baby has the wax paper he wanted!

At 2/11/2005 4:38 PM, Blogger CJ said...

Does Yaacov really get the toilet paper and wax paper confused? I mean, come on...if so, you might want to rethink stocking up on wax paper. I don't know how well it flushes

Ha, only kidding. Have fun making Valentines!!


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