Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Day in the Life...

Hello, friends!

I though that I would take a minute to tell you about my day. Here it goes!

This morning I awoke to tiny beams of bright sunshine shooting through my bedroom window. Here in Israel we have plastic/wooden/metal rolling shutters on all of the windows. These are installed in a little box above the window and are raised and lowered with a pull cord from inside. When lowered completely, the block out all of the light. The sun is so bright and direct here, the blinds are a good thing. Plus I live on the second floor of the apartment building and it's about the same level as the street light. The blinds are good at blocking it out too. One thing for Israel, it's roadways are really well lit. Little alleys and such are a different story...

I had yogurt for breakfast. Yaacov had Honey Nut Cherrios. Yesterday I made breakfast. Salad, cheese, humus, pita, tangerine, coffee, sour was all good. Israeli breakfasts are all about salad, fruit and cheese. On the weekends, I throw in bacon for good measure. I am still looking for good pork sausage to fry up.

Then Yaacov and I went for a long, fast, exercise walk. Jerusalem is hilly, so it's great for your butt. People here are much slimmer generally than in the US. On the weekends and evenings, people go out and walk around. The DO stuff other than sit at home. Sometimes, it's too much of a pain to drive, so people walk. Although suburban habits like malls, "family" sized meals, McDonald's, and driving everywhere are catching on. Still there is a skinny aesthetic that is prevalent.

Sunday (today) is the first day of the work week here. I don't have ulpan on Sunday and Yaacov's work is flexible. So, that's how we were able to hang out.

After the walk, I washed dishes (no auto dishwasher), and folded and put away clothes that had been on the sofa for many days. Sunday is usually a little cleaning day for me. So, I do some throwing away and straightening up.

Yaacov and I snacked for lunch...pita and salami, "cigarrios"--little fried rolls with meat something inside--tasty! (They look like cigars.) I have stopped asking what it is made of and I just taste. If it tastes good, I eat more. If not, I spit it out or keep eating depending on what the situation demands. There is an Arabic cheese dish covered with something orange and I just haven't cultivated a taste for it. Although beef filet on a kabob is wonderful!

After lunch, I went shopping. I am looking for cheap Euro-trash sunglasses that look good on me and other things to make me look more Israeli. I bought a pair of Blundstone boots and a couple of scarfs. I think they're great. I DID find some sunglasses, but they were about $350, so I didn't buy them. But they were really cool...and PRADA! I am sure I can find some knock-offs somewhere. Off to the Old City, maybe...

This afternoon Yaacov was interviewed on Israeli TV! He was talking about the legal implications of the same-sex Israeli couple that recently married in Canada. I was on the right channel, but for some reason they switch channels on cable here and I missed his part. I am SURE it was very good! He came home with lots of make-up which ended up on my bath towel!

I was vacuuming the floor when he arrived. Every Sunday, I vacuum and mop the floor. All the apartments in Israel are tile. They are laid in a bed of sand. Plumbing and electrical stuff goes in the bed of sand in plastic conduit. You can learn a lot about construction by watching renovations in buildings all around Jerusalem. There are lots of construction and renovation projects going on all of the time.

So I love the tile floors...great for people with allergies. You can vacuum and mop the whole apartment. Israelis are obsessed with clean homes from what I can tell. Maybe it's the whole immigrant culture...or the fact that outside is so dirty/dusty.

Even though I mop and vacuum every week, dust bunnies and dust ELEPHANTS grow in corners and under the bed. I don't know where the dust comes from...but every Sunday it's gone!

After cleaning the floors, I started typing...and there you are. Time for dinner.


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