Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Planes, trains, and automobiles

Yaacov is in NYC for a couple of days. I have the week off from ulpan because of the Pesach holiday. So, I have been trying to keep myself busy. I've cleaned, shopped, done LOTS of laundry...and today I went to Tel Aviv for the first time by myself.

I didn't want to take the car, because I would probably get killed driving in TA. I HATE taking the bus (yucky) or a cab (expensive). They do have these cab buses, but I wanted to support the infrastructure. So, I took the train again...along with half of Jerusalem.

Context: The train from Jerusalem to TA leaves ten past the hour, every hour until like 7:10pm or so.

So, I walked 10 minutes to the bus stop nearest my house that goes to the train station. I waited for 30 minutes or so. The ride to the train station is 20 minutes, so I was really pushing it to get to the station, go through security, buy a ticket and make the train! The driver went on the normal route, but at the end he didn't go to the train station. I asked him in broken Hebrew if he was going to the train station. He said, (all of this is in Hebrew) "Why didn't you ask me before now?" I responded that I thought that the bus whet there all the time. Well, he turned the bus around and drove, just for me, back to the train station. On the way he asked me if I was single and gave me his phone number so that I could call his daughter!

Well, I ran out of the bus at 10:00, dodging traffic, to the train station, opening my bag as I ran for the security check. Long story short, I made it. The train was PACKED! I sat beside a cute lady from NY that was visiting her daughter and her family. Nice conversation. Cute.

Met up with my friend Adam in TA at Dizengoff Center. It's a big shopping area in TA. We went to a cute cafe for lunch. Then we had tasty ice cream. After hanging out for a while, Adam went home to work and I went to the beach. I hung out on the beach in my little suit for about an hour. I didn't want to repeat the burning experience I had last time. I got dressed and headed to the train station...and when we finally arrived in Jerusalem, I waited for the darn #24 bus for like 15 minutes and then just got a cab home. Next time, I'll just drive to the train station.

Next day...April 28

Not getting much sleep. I am staying up too late and getting up too early.
This morning the woman two apartments above mine is moving out. The movers were making lots of noise VERY EARLY this morning. The other day after coming back from the mall I got a parking space right in front of our building! But I moved the car this morning so the guys wouldn't bump into it as they move that woman's stuff out. I can tell by the noise that they're not too careful.

The internet is a wonderful thing. I've run across a couple of fun sites thanks to Minty. Check out Pictures of Walls and PostSecret. Have fun!


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