Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cost of War

I've added a "cost of the war in Iraq" counter to this blog. You can click on it and find out all the mathematical details of the numbers. I saw it on another blog and was just amazed at how MUCH we're spending there. When you click on the link you can compare spending in Iraq to spending on other things like immunizations and preschool care. Check it out.

I might not leave it up forever because I think that the scrolling numbers are annoying.

For me, money really isn't a good way to measure the US "effort" in Iraq. There's just no way to put a price on the lives that have been lost and people that have been injured because of the conflict.

In other news...

I have re-added those darn Google Ads. I've gone back and forth on this issue and here's my reasoning. So, Google owns Blogger and Blogger lets me do my blogging for free. If I put up the ads, Google and Blogger make some money (I make a little too) and hopefully I can keep blogging for free. But the ads that appear on my site make me laugh. I don't get to pick them, so don't laugh.


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