Sunday, May 29, 2005

Latest Read

I just finished reading The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton this morning. I started it before I left for the US, put it down for a while to read some other books, and just got around to wrapping it up.

This is an entertaining, "should read" book. Hamilton develops believable characters and through narration by Ruth, the main character, she paints a dramatic story of a troubled family.

A surprise ending helps pull the whole story together in the last fifty pages or so.

Frequent readers know that I like to provide some quotes from the book I've read. Here's one from The Book of Ruth.

I know, certainly, that there's nothing to the Rev's guarantee that the meek are going to inherit the earth. No on inherits one single thing. It's something I've thought a lot about. We're only passers-by, and all you can do is love what you have in your life. A person has to fight the meanness that sometimes comes when you're born, sometimes grows if you aren't in lucky surroundings. It's our challenge to fend it off, leave it behind us choking and grasping for breath in the mud. It's our task to seek out something with truth for us, no matter if there is a hundred-mile obstacle course in the way, or a ramshackle farmhouse that binds and binds. The Bible is right on one score: it doesn't do one bit of good to render evil for evil.

I think that I am going to return this book this afternoon and pick out some other good ones. I think that the next book will be The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It's just under 1000 pages with tiny type. So, I might pick something else. I'll let you know.


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