Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Ok. This is me. I feel kinda like a loser because I just took this picture of myself. But at least I have my clothes on unlike those other freaks. Anyway, there is a little pink patch of skin on my face just below and to the right of my sideburn. (Yes, I need to shave!) This little spot kept me up last night. (Click to make my head bigger. ha ha)

This gets kinda personal, so you can turn away if you want to.

See I have some halo naevi which is where the skin around a mole becomes pale. Most of the time these are benign and I've had a dermatologist check them all out. Sometimes the mole completely disappears and leaves the remaining pale spot. This has happened on three places on my back. It's generally not a big deal because my back is covered most of the time and the spots are pretty small.

In my research (thank goodness for Google, I think), I found out that folks with halo naevi have and increased risk of developing the skin disorder, vitiligo. This is where skin looses pigment. It's what Michael Jackson had and the reason why he had all of his skin bleached out to match all over his body.

So, this little odd patch on my face is disturbing to me. I don't want to look like Michael Jackson! I was up half the night obsessing about it.

I know you all will still love me no matter if my skin is white-white, tan, pink or whatever.

But still...


At 5/05/2005 1:40 AM, Blogger christa said...

are you talking about that little pimple-looking thing? it's hard to tell from the photo.

i've come to realize that everyone has some weird body-thing going on and nobody talks about it. (so GOOD FOR YOU!) several months ago i blogged about how i have alopecia (http://www.singintomymouth.com/blog/archive/002051.html ) ... it's so common... like, one out of a 100 people have it. but do you ever hear anyone admit it? no.

cowards. :-)

anyway, i totally know what it's like to obsess about some freaky body thing, but as you probably realize obsessing doesn't help things get any better. in fact, it might actually make things worse.

so try to chill. have some champagne and go for a stroll, and know we all love you regardless of some funky little spots.


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