Thursday, May 26, 2005

Time for School!

As you can see from the several posts from today, not sleeping gives one time to do lots of things. I read. I did yoga at sunrise. I've took a shower and put my clothes on. I ate breakfast. I made a cup of tea and a cup of coffee. I goofed around on the internet and looked up books on Amazon. I caught up on some blog reading. All of this I did on my tip toes to keep Y from waking up.

Now I have an hour before I have to leave for ulpan (Hebrew school) and I still have to be quiet because Yaacov is still asleep. I can hear him snoring.

I am not excited about going to ulpan because I have missed the past two weeks and I'll be way behind. I did talk to Yaacov's parents in Hebrew a lot during out trip, but ulpan is school. If you're not there when they cover a topic in class, well, you've missed it. Everyone else is using a verb tense that you can't recognize.

This session of ulpan wraps up in a week or so and I need to do well on the final exam to be able to move to the next level. So, there's some studying involved. Where there's studying, there's procrastination. Look out.

Book update:
I read Life is Short - Wear Your Party Pants by Loretta LaRoche while in the US. It's a fun self-help book. The title sums it up well. It's good to get perspective on life from time to is too short to be taken seriously.

I am still working on The Book of Ruth.

While on vacation I did something that I rarely do. I started a book before finishing another one. I am almost finished with The Love Letter. It's a cute summer romance. The characters are not that well developed. It's as if the author had particular types of personalities in mind while writing the book, but she wasn't able to convey them very well. They don't seem to have depth that helps us understand their motivation. Then again it's a love story - does love have motivation or cause? Hmm. Well, it's entertaining anyway and full of references to books that I haven't read. So, I'll finish it by the end of the day.


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