Thursday, June 16, 2005

Good Morning

This morning I awoke at about 5:15 and instead of making coffee and heading for the computer, I decided to go watch the sunrise. Yes, I was up before the sun this morning! Here are some photos of my journey.

This is the view from Jerusalem toward Jordan. On a clear day you can see the hills rising up from the other side of the rift valley in Jordan.

The Sun is beginning to rise over the Old City. I need to play with my camera more to figure out how to get better pictures. Any tips, folks?

I stood in this park to take some of the photos. There's a broken fountain that used to run through the park. It's a shame that it doesn't work anymore. There are several fountains that aren't working in Jerusalem. If I ever become really wealthy, I think that I'll give money to cities to repair and maintain their fountains. That and health care for poor folks.

Ok, this is a scene that you won't find in North Carolina. This is a picture of the Dormition Abbey (the bell tower in the center and the tall building on the left) and the Greek Orthodox Seminary (the long horizontal building in the shadow).

I turned around and this was the scenery behind me. The tower of the YMCA building is in the middle of the picture. The King David Hotel is on the right.


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