Wednesday, June 22, 2005


As I sit here and type this, I'm a little uncomfortable. I went to the beach in Tel Aviv yesterday with my friend Demetri and forgot my sunscreen. Demetri, being the kind-hearted Greek guy he is, let me borrow his - SPF 2! Well, I got more sun than I wanted, but it's not too bad. Just a little pink. We were only out in the sun for about an 90 mins!

Demetri and I had the pleasure of meeting Savtadotty yesterday before our sunbathing. She very graciously let me borrow her copy of As I Lay Dying. She's a dynamic and fun lady. She reminds me of another friend. My friend David's mother lives part of the year in Cayman Brac. You can see pictures of her house here. I got to visit Minnie (David's mom - are you following me here?) several years ago at her house on the Brac. Gorgeous! Peaceful! One of the best things about the trip was meeting Minnie's neighbor, Carolyn Hesselbach. (I guess just about all the folks on the island are neighbors. It's only 12 miles long and 2 miles wide.) I met Carolyn a year or so after her husband, a very successful New York City psychiatrist, had passed away. Carolyn busied herself with all of the best things about retiring to a tiny island - swimming, gardening, reading, napping, feeding iguanas, volunteering, drinking champagne in the afternoon. She missed her husband but felt closer to him on the island in the home they created over the previous decades. What a home it was too! Carolyn lived in a real "compound". Their residence was a collection of little buildings - a library, a kitchen a dining room, and individual guest and master bedroom suites. The buildings were tied together with sidewalks in between groves of palms and other greenery. Carolyn had been a flight attendant and met her husband on a flight. She was part of the glamorous days of air travel - you've seen the pictures of well dressed attendants waiting on travelers in human sized seats. Anyway, Carolyn was taken out of the airplane and thrust into the lofty heights of New York society. You should have seen her closet of party clothes - wonderful vintage from designers...very Holly Golightly. Carolyn was well read, artistic, a wonderful conversationalist, beautiful - and fun!

Carolyn and I corresponded a couple of times through letters and cards. I was very sad to hear when she passed away a couple of years ago. According to Minnie, she had pancreatic cancer and died just a few months after the diagnosis.

People like Carolyn and Savtadotty are rare. Savtadotty, I am glad that we're becoming friends!

I have some pictures form our adventure yesterday, but they'll have to wait. The other computer (the desktop) had a meltdown yesterday. Seriously, it made a burning smell and just stopped working. I think that the fan is the culprit, but we'll see. I am using the laptop now. All of my preferences are on the other computer - bookmarks, passwords, etc. I'll be able to figure them out - just give me an hour - but until then...

Oh, yesterday was also a big news day. Sharon and Abbas met right around the corner from my apartment. Talk about security - helicopters, main roads completely closed, police everywhere. It was hard to get home. I hope they worked some things out! In very sad news, there was a train accident in Israel yesterday too. Right now there are eight people reported killed and over 100 injured. Terrible. But I am ok.


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