Monday, June 13, 2005

Warm Milk

Well, it's 5:15am and I am up blogging. I have just finished reading the regular round of blogs this morning. Checked the news. Gosh, I am sleepy. I went to bed last night at midnight and this morning I am up with the chickens. Not fun. I'll take a nap this afternoon.

Some people do all kinds of tricks to get themselves ready for sleep. I have a little aroma therapy thing-a-ma-bob that makes the bedroom smell like lavender. Lavender is supposed to encourage deep, restful sleep. Some people drink warm milk before bed. Yuck. I hate the taste of milk...except in coffee.

It's not a problem here that I don't like milk. I generally like cheese and yogurt. In fact, I probably eat a serving of yogurt every day. Israelis love their milk products. They're all kinds of fresh cheeses, sour cream, yogurt, etc. in the supermarkets and shuk. There are whole restaurants dedicated to dairy products. Religious Jews do not eat meat and dairy products together. Really religious Jews keep different cooking and eating utensils for meat and dairy meals. Utensils that touch meat never touch dairy products.

Last night was the beginning of Shavuot. You can follow the link to find out all about this holiday. Basically, it's believed to be the day when God gave Jews the Torah. There are some neat traditions with Shavuot. First, everyone eats milk products. All kinds of tasty dishes from cheese are served. It's not a good time to be lactose intolerant. Another neat tradition is that there are folks that stay up well into the night to read the Torah and attend lectures. Last night Yaacov went to one of these lectures and got home well after I went to sleep.

Ok, I am off to get that cup of coffee and to do yoga.


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