Thursday, July 07, 2005

In My Neighborhood (part 2)

Fat Cat

For those of you who've read my blog from the beginning, Fat Cat isn't a new character. I got some new pics of him this week. So, I'd thought I'd share more about him.

Fat Cat belongs to a family in the apartment building across the street. He is prissy. He doesn't eat from the trash. He avoids hanging out with street cats (they're everywhere in Jerusalem!) and has a slow-moving, Garfield-esque style.

Once I went to the pet store and bought him some expensive cat treats. When I offered them to him, he was so not interested. He sort of sniffed them and then turned up his nose and walked away.

Sometimes he's on our side of the street and hanging out in the garden that surrounds our building. He has a spot or two that he likes on the garden wall. He'll let you pet him and love on him but only after you say hello and he says hello back. Sometimes he'll close his big yellow eyes, but I haven't heard him purr.

Here he is on the garden wall of his building.

He's checking everything out.

Once I heard the baby that lives in the apartment with him crying. Their balcony door was open and I was on my balcony reading and watching. Fat Cat had had enough of the crying noise and came outside to escape for a minute. Smart man.

He can recognize the residents of the building. When he's ready to go back inside, he'll watch for someone that lives in his building to head toward the door. He really moves it to make sure he's at the door when they go inside.

I don't see him every day, so it's kind of special to see him around. I'm allergic to cats too. This way I feel connected to a pet without having to sneeze.

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