Friday, July 22, 2005

Kick Up Your Feet

Here I am in the kitchen demonstrating the most popular summer dance craze in Israel. Actually, this dance has a long history here and you can find people doing it from about March to November. (I cropped off my own head because my smile looked funny in this picture.)

Step one: Say, "Ow!" and lift up one foot - or at least make an unhappy face and lift one foot
Step two: Wiggle the lifted foot in the air a bit
Step three: Tap the lifted foot toe-first on the floor
Step four: Place the foot back on the floor

Here's a close up of the dance. Sandals are required footwear for this dance!

Of course this is the dance that folks do when something gets in their sandal. It's fun to watch people do it. It's just too hot here to wear closed shoes. This little dance is universal. Next time you get something in your sandal, try to get that feeling of brotherly love from knowing we've all (or just about all) been there too.

Aren't my sandals cute?! I hope Christa appreciates them. I bought them in the Old City last week for about $9! I got a black pair of a different style too.


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