Monday, July 11, 2005


For the past two days I have felt like crap. It's nothing major; maybe something I ate. Yesterday I just stayed in bed or on the sofa. I am not sure what sick people did before television. It sure helps you to forget what's ailing you. I am convinced that many problems in the world could be placated with TV and air conditioning (ok food and clean water would help too).

My time in the bed would have been more restful had it not been for the banging and other indescribable noise-making activities going on two floors up. A couple of months ago the crazy lady that lived there sold her apartment to this nice young woman (my age) and moved out. The new owner has been over to hang out and shared with us her plans to renovate her apartment. She's knocking down walls, changing doors and windows, re-doing the electricity services, renovating the bathroom, and moving the kitchen. Basically, they've gutted the place and started from scratch.

Most (if not all) of the buildings in Israel are made from either stone (old buildings) or concrete. Here in Jerusalem you're required (in most cases - this is Israel after all - there are ALWAYS exceptions) to have a "Jerusalem stone" facade. Somehow the interior concrete construction carries the sound in a fascinating but horrible way. It sounds like the workers are just on the other side of the wall. I can't imagine what it sounds like in the apartment above ours. It also makes me wonder how much other people can hear of what's going on in my apartment!

There is a lot of debris and it must be hauled off to be recycled, I'm sure (note the sarcastic tone - again Israel!). You can see on Savtadotty's gallery one way that they remove debris - with a shoot into a dumpster.

However, in my building they put all of the debris into big sacks and used a crane to move the sacks from the fourth floor to a flatbed truck.

Here is the crane with a strap ready to lift up rubble.

Here's the crane reaching the fourth floor. I am taking photos from inside my apartment. I think that was the safest place considering Israeli construction "safety" practices.

Here they've got two sacks of rubble and are bringing them down...

and down...

and down...

and finally loading them onto a truck. They did this about eight times until the bed of the truck was full. These pictures were taken a couple of days ago after the first day of demolition. They came again yesterday afternoon and lifted up supplies for the remodeling and brought down construction debris.

Living here makes me feel very "Rear Window" somtimes.


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