Monday, August 15, 2005

Do You Work Here?

A couple of postings ago I was complaining about the difficulties of breaking into the workforce in Israel and the career compromises people often have to make here. Sometimes there aren't jobs in your field. Sometimes your Hebrew isn't good enough for you to be competent here in what you did in the "Old Country".

In the past couple of months I have been mistaken for someone that has a job. Once it happened twice within 10 minutes! I was in a supermarket in Talpiot and someone asked me if I knew where a particular item was located. (This was all in Hebrew of course.) After that I went to a hardware store and a guy asked me, "Do you work here?" The best one happened in the Old City. It was the day that Yaacov and I went to buy sandals and after our shopping we bought "bagel-le" (If someone knows how to write this better phonetically, please assist.) "Bagel-le" is a big hoop (like a stretched out O - note to self - take a pic) of baked dough with sesame seeds on top that you kind of dip into zatar. Yaacov gave the guy at the "bagel-le" stand a big bill and the guy had to go make change. While he was gone, we were just standing around waiting and a woman came up to me and ordered a "bagel-le" - like I worked there! It was a hoot!

I used to work for a science museum that had a uniform policy. Our shirts were almost the same color as the shirts and smocks at Wal-mart. If I happened to wear my uniform shirt to Wally World, I was bound to be asked several times Wal-mart work related questions.

Maybe I look responsible or helpful? I don't know. It's just kind of ironic that people everywhere think that I work there, and here I am complaining about not having a job - or more specifically complaining about the problem of finding an Israeli career.

Well, I got a job. Not just any job either! I will be working on a collaborative project between the Israel Antiquities Authority and a museum in North Carolina. I am very excited about this work experience. It's great for my career and the pay is good too! This job has been up in the air for about six months, and I was beginning to think that it wasn't going to happen. So, you just never know. Yeah me!


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