Thursday, August 11, 2005

Good Night

Last night Yaacov and I went to dinner at the home of Aharon Barak and his lovely wife Elisheva. It was an informal gathering of the people that work in Barak's office and their partners etc. It felt like a family gathering - there was some law talk, but I was able to "bubble" that out. (I am hereby making up a new verb. To bubble - read Lisa's blog and you'll get it.)

It was fun to meet the people Yaacov talks about and to put faces with names.

Ok - there were probably about 15 of us or so. We all sat around the living room and shared dinner together. There were small groups of conversations - mainly in Hebrew, but some in English. There are some English-only speaking people that volunteer in Barak's office. I overheard a guy on the other side of the room say that his birthday was on Shabbat - this coming Saturday. That's my birthday too! I eventually moved my way across the room and told him that we had a shared birthday. First of all he couldn't have been less excited. (The guy was American I guess. He had just taken the Bar in the US and had spent pretty much all of the meal talking about it.) The guy sitting across from us said that his birthday was August 22 and I wondered aloud what was nine months prior to August. The first guy said (something like), "It's mid-November. My parents were probably on some ski holiday in Switzerland." I am NOT kidding you! That is what he said. It was the most pompous, arrogant thing (you should have heard the tone!) that I have ever heard anyone say in my whole life. Seriously, it sounded like he was on a soap opera.

I might not have sounded so ridiculous if the vibe at the Barak' s hadn't been so chill. It seems to me that they are just salt of the earth people - kind and totally normal.

I ended up wearing grey summer weight wool blend slacks and a black short sleeve dress shirt.
(If you want to know the juicy bits from the night's events, you'll have to take me out for drinks.)


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