Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Green Bird

Yesterday Yaacov and I went to visit our new neighbor. The girl that bought and then renovated the apartment two floors above us finally moved in. There are some minor things left to be done in her apartment (some light fixtures, installing the kitchen sink, buying a refrigerator, etc.) but for the most part it looks great. The best part is her big, fresh, clean bathroom. In our apartment we have two little rooms that make up the "facilities". One just has a toilet - it's a tiny, tiny room. The other one has a full sized tub, a sink mounted to the wall, and some storage space. There's no counter - nothing. It's a tiny, tiny room too. Seriously, I bump my elbows on the walls sometimes and you have to close the door in order for you to have enough room for you to brush your teeth over the sink.

Anyway, her apartment looks great. She has a balcony that runs the full length of our building and since it's on the 4th floor, she has a great view of the neighborhood.

We were all sitting out on the balcony yesterday enjoying the wonderful Jerusalem weather and I saw a green bird fly into a nearby tree. I was interested because we don't have green birds in NC and this looked just like someone's pet parrot. I watched it for a little while and got a good look at it. After returning home and searching for "Israel bird green" on Google, I learned that it was a Rose-ringed Parakeet of some type. Cool.


At 5/01/2006 10:54 PM, Blogger Udge said...

Oh, I think we have these in Stuttgart too. Not native, of course, they escaped from the zoo a few years back and have bred like rabbits (as the saying goes). They've taken over the park alongside the train station, and are amazingly loud: when a flock of them starts squawking, they drown out the noise of the trains.


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