Saturday, August 13, 2005

I'm Now 28

Yes, folks, believe it or not, I was actually born on this date, 28 years ago.

I've had a good birthday. I got lots of cards, ecards, and birthday wishes. Yesterday we went to Abu Gosh and had a nice birthday meal with Yaacov's family. I even had a couple of crazy (but cute) guys sing to me "Happy Birthday" on my cell phone. Yaacov and I went to his parent's house today and swam. We visited his brother's new apartment and then visited his grandparents. It was a very "family oriented" day.

A blogger I'm familiar with shared 44 things that he wanted the world to know on his 44th birthday. I thought that it was a neat idea. I've been working on my list of 28 things today. Right now I'm up to 20 - I hope I am able to come up with a couple more in the process.

1. I was having trouble starting this list because I thought that I needed to say something meaningful for #1.
2. When I grow up, I want to be like my grandmother Frances. She's the kindest, most giving person that I know.
3. I enjoy gardening but I haven't figured out the combination of soil, climate, etc. to keep the plants on the patio looking good. (It generally reflects my success of adjusting to Israeli life in general at this point.)
4. I enjoy a good dirty martini.
5. I was voted most intellectual in high school.
6. I taught Kindergarten for two years and I taught first grade for (almost) two years.
7. I am a good singer.
8. I am a combination of neat freak and lazy bum. I piss myself off a lot.
9. I'm scared to try new things and generally order the same thing at restaurants.
10. My middle name is Holland.
11. I own less than .5 of a share of IBM stock. It makes me laugh that I actually pay taxes on the dividend that it yields.
12. I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They give me heartburn but I eat them anyway.
13. Living in Israel is the first time that I have lived outside of North Carolina.
14. I am very safety-minded. Buckle up!
15. One of my granfathers was a highway patrol officer. The other was a farmer.
16. I have one brother who is 13 months younger than I am.
17. I love JIF peanut butter and Lance Toastchee crackers.
18. I took more Spanish than I needed to in college because I had a serious crush on someone in the classes. (I took levels 3, 4 honors, 21, and 23!)
19. I don't remember Spanish but sometimes when I'm speaking Hebrew the Spanish word pops out instead.
20. I am a hair product snob but also a cheap-o. I use every last bit I can squeeze out.
21. Rough elbows are a turn off.
22. I am an OK cook but I appreciate good food.
23. I am somewhere between an ENTJ and ESTJ.
24. I bought my first house when I was 22.
25. I've donated to public radio.
26. My waist is a size 27 - that's inches.
27. My favorite color is blue.
28. I've had two dreams that I remember in Hebrew!


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