Sunday, September 25, 2005

Another Year

My friend Ingra recently reminded me that I was approaching my year anniversary in Israel. It's amazing that I've been here that long. It seems like forever and a short while both at the same time.

Today I returned to the Interior Ministry office to finally renew my visa. I posted about my last trip there. The result of the previous visit was that I they wouldn't renew my visa until they had received a letter from the police indicating that I wasn't a criminal. We waited for a couple of weeks and then called the office - no letter, call back again. After a few weeks of calling back our letter arrived. I am not a criminal, so I really wasn't worried. I just wanted to have a current visa. We made an appointment and went to the office today. I thought that they were just going to put the stamp in my passport, but instead they interviewed us individually. I went first. The interviewer asked me all sorts of questions - all in Hebrew. Yaacov was next. I guess he said the right things because after about 15 minutes he came to get me and said I would get my shiny new visa. This time it's for a year. I have to go through this process once a year for the next five years. Then I will get permanent resident status.

Sunday is my cleaning day. I have done a couple loads of laundry - but I haven't been to motivated to do much else. Last night Yaacov and I stayed up too late watching television. I also did a really tough workout yesterday. My back and shoulders are sore today. Maybe if I put on some loud music and get up I might get some things done.

For those of you that read this blog frequently here are some of the stories that I am working on:
1. Next edition of the "In the Neighborhood" series. It's about owls!
2. Sharing my art (this post will not have commenting!)
3. Meeting bloggers in real know who you are...
4. A meme reply to Savtadotty- I wonder who I will tag...
5. And more random thoughts on a year in Israel!


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