Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dusting or Dirting

When I was younger (I would say little, but I am kinda still little) I would help my grandmother dust and clean her house. My grandmother's priorities are good ones. She'd much rather do something that she enjoys than clean. (I hope that she doesn't get mad at me for writing this. Yes, my grandmother reads my blog!) It's not that she doesn't work - this lady has worked her whole life. The thing is that after working a full day then making dinner for everyone, well, if there is some dust on the furniture - heck, it can stay there. There are better things to do.

I think that I keep a pretty clean house. My Israeli neighbor came down once and actually complimented me on my clean house. I beamed! Yaacov and I have daily and weekly chore lists to remind us of the things we need to do. We don't always get to them all, but it's a good reminder. The weekly list is divided by room and one chore that has to be done in every room is dusting.

In NC, you could probably go for a couple of weeks without dusting and nobody would notice. Here dusting is a never ending process. I live on the edge of a desert and it hasn't rained here since May! There is so much dust in the air! Each week I am AMAZED at how much crap settles on everything. I dust it off. I vacuum it up. It keeps coming!!!! If you let it go, you don't get dust bunnies - you get dust elephants!

Well, I had a pretty good handle on the problem until they started demolishing a building a few houses up. Our neighborhood was developed in the 1930s and since then there have been phases of building that have added floors to older buildings to increase occupancy. Some older homes have been torn down completely and replaced by awkward, biggie-sized apartment buildings. That's what's happening down the street. Y and I knew that it was coming. We just hoped that we'd be in Tel Aviv by the time it started. Well, it started last week.

They tore the whole old house down and are excavating for the new one. All the new apartment buildings in Jerusalem have underground parking. Well, it's making a big, damn mess. There is clay dust everywhere. It's so fine it just floats in and coats everything. When I wipe the table after dinner it looks like a mud pie. Gross! I close the windows during the day but it still creeps in.

It will get better. They are working pretty fast. But the noise and dust/dirt right now is not contributing to my sense of sanity.

I am glad that the development is "in fill" instead of the gross expansion of Jerusalem that has blobed out all over the Judean hillside. Pretty soon you won't be able to tell Atlanta and Jerusalem apart.


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