Monday, September 26, 2005

Left and Right

So, I just finished the third level (kitah gimel) of ulpan (Hebrew school) and I still don't know my left from my right in Hebrew. I know the words for left and right, but I don't know which is which. Maybe I was out that day in kitah aleph (first level) or something?! When I taught Kindergarten I would teach the children that if you hold up your hands and extend your pointer finger and your thumb the left hand is one with the L for left - made with your fingers. Of course there were always kids that didn't know what an L was - but that's for another post. I haven't found way to make "yamina" and "smola" with your hands.

On my way home from the supermarket today a guy stopped his car and asked me in Hebrew, "Are you from here?". I said, "Yes," and then he proceeded to ask me directions to a particular street. I actually knew where it was and how to tell him how to get there. First he asked me if I was headed that direction and if I wanted a ride. I said, "No, thanks." (Don't take rides from strangers isn't a hard and fast rule for Israelis - but I am not "there" yet). I started giving him directions in Hebrew but when I got to the words for left and right, I just said them in English.


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