Saturday, September 03, 2005


This past Saturday Yaacov and I visited Masada with my boss, Dean, and my colleague, Diana. It was a great field trip. You can read all about the history of Masada by following the link. For those of you in Israel or planning a visit to Israel - Masada is a place not to be missed! Click on the pictures to make them larger.

This is the view from inside the cable car. The cable car was an amazingly smooth ride. In the car with us were a group of tourist from Germany (I think - I mean, they were speaking German.)

The cable car rides up these threads to reach the summit.

Here's the view from the station at the top of the mountain. I just stepped out of the car.

Here's another view from the top. Those tiny dots at the bottom of the picture are palm trees. You can see the silver water of the Dead Sea in the background.

The view toward Jordan. The water in the picture is the Dead Sea.

This is a picture of the ruins perched on top of the cliff.

Yaacov and Dean investigate the quarry.


You can see the ruins of a Roman camp in the center of the picture.

This is a picture of the plain leading to the Dead Sea. There are little valleys that make interesting designs.

No post would be complete without a bird. Yaacov took this picture of a friendly one.

The tourists. That's me in the tank top. Y is in red and my boss, Dean, is in green.

This is a view of the reconstructed storerooms at Masada. They had supplies to last a long time.

Nice view!

The way down. We bought tickets for the cable car for the trip UP the mountain, but we thought that it would be fun to climb down. This picture shows the start of the descent.

See that little trail that is a lighter color than the surrounding earth? Well, that's the trail back to the visitor center. It's the first of September in the Judean desert at about noon - ok, it was HOT!

Here's a shot of the cable car station at the top of the mountain. It's a lingering glance from the trail on the way down. Did I mention that there are over 300 steps?

Here are the hikers on their way.

I am almost all of the way down. You can see Dean in the foreground way ahead of me. I took my time and took pictures!

The bottom and almost the end. At this point I was just about 5 minutes away from air conditioning. It was a nice hike, but if I go back, I am going to take the cable car back down. One thing that lots of visitors do is climb the mountain early in the morning and watch the sunrise. I bet that would be something to see!


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