Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Smells Like Duty Free

Yaacov's parents like to travel. This Thursday they are off to Italy to celebrate their anniversary. Just a few weeks ago they returned from a short trip to Turkey. Israelis love to travel to Turkey because it's cheap and fun. I haven't been yet, but I am looking forward to going (hint, hint).

Just like all good Israelis, Y's parents shop "duty free" at the airport. The new airport is like a huge mall that happens to have some planes in the parking lot. Duty free shopping at the airport is something new for me. I mean, sometimes picking up a bottle of liquor can be a good deal - but Israelis really shop. You can buy all kinds of electronics, wine, expensive sunglasses, music, books, and lots more. You can buy before you fly and pick up your items when you return from your trip.

On their last trip Y's parents bought us a new DVD player. Our old one was from the US and was not "coded" to play DVD's in this "zone". (Some tech person can explain this in a comment.) Now we can watch DVD's from the US and Israel.

We also got some surprises from duty free. They bought us cologne and other good smelling products. Israeli men love their cologne! The bus sometimes smells like an 8th grade dance. Now, I am not one to wear smelly stuff. I have allergies and it's tough for me to find a fragrance that I like that doesn't make my head ache. But I like what Yaacov's mom bought for me and I actually wear it from time to time.

I wonder what they'll bring home from this trip?...


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