Thursday, October 27, 2005

Long Time...

So, I guess that I have been busy - and just not in the mood for writing. I have been having trouble sleeping lately and that just puts a big damper on my mood. No need to spread my grumpiness around on the internet. It is about 5:30 AM right now and I just woke up- pretty good considering what time I have been getting up lately.

Yaacov and I have spent a lot of time with his family of the past couple of weeks with the holidays and all.

We've painted the kitchen. The job sounds simple, but we had to take everything out, clean, tape up the room, and then paint- then clean again and put things back. It looks so much better. We chose a satin finish that will be easier to clean than the white flat paint that was there before. Pictures to follow soon.

I have been reading - I haven't made it to Invitation to Sociology yet though. I read a couple of books my friend Jenn gave me. One was Maggie Sweet. It's about a middle-aged woman from rural North Carolina "finding herself" - a little Steel Magnolia-ish. It was a fun, easy read. Then I read Angels by Marian Keyes. It was sort of a Sex in the City story about a woman that separates from her husband and moves from Dublin to LA. It was a well written and entertaining story.

Yaacov is back at work. I start ulpan again in November.

I am looking on the web for winter clothes. I have been watching the first season of The L Word on DVD.


At 10/27/2005 11:51 AM, Blogger Matt Erlandsen said...

At least everything sounds normal.... all on its way!.

Take care, from Chile,


At 10/27/2005 2:16 PM, Blogger Sam said...

Don't know what to say, but, "Hey!"

We just had our first hard frost last night. I was almost nekkid in the back yard getting some sun one afternoon last week. You know NC's weather: if you don't like it, wait five minutes... it'll change!

At 10/27/2005 4:21 PM, Blogger John said...

Sam - it's rained two days here since about May. It's getting cooler, but today I was running about town in a tank top. Last winter we didn't get much frost b/c there isn't enough moisture in the air. I am missing the NC fall weather.

Matt - good to know I've got friends in Chile! :)

At 10/27/2005 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New paint, cool!

Also, I met a woman at the supermarket today who was buying cheddar for mac and cheese, and she said that you can add more mustard and black pepper for the weak Israeli cheddar. This in case you haven't found the good kind again.

And I had something else to say but now I can't remember what it was.



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