Sunday, October 09, 2005

Time Flips

So, I was in bed the other night and I was having trouble falling asleep. Our alarm clock is a small, yellow, travel alarm clock. Yaacov got it at the hardware store around the corner for free. It has an advertisement for Energizer batteries on it but it's pre-bunny. Anyway, its "tick" isn't really noticeable during the day, but when I was trying to fall asleep it sounded like someone tapping on a drum. Instead of counting sheep, I started thinking about all of the alarm clocks in my life.

My last alarm clock was bought in the pre-college shopping rush over ten years ago. I remember that I bought it in the old Wal-mart (the one that's now an abandoned big box and not the new one that needs its own ZIP code) in Shelby, NC. I couldn't decide which one to buy. They were all so ugly. I finally decided on a digital one with a red display. I remember thinking when I bought it that it wouldn't last long and I could replace it with a better looking one. Well, that clock survived four years of college, countless falls from the night stand, and four years of very early mornings as a teacher. I don't know what happened to it, but it didn't make it to Israel. Maybe I sold it in the big yard sale before I moved here. Maybe it ended up in the Goodwill pile.

My grandmother has an alarm clock from the dawn of time. It looks like this:

The numbers are two-part flaps and instead of ticking away the seconds, you just get one unsatisfying flap after 60 seconds. It's not even that loud. I remember sitting on the edge of my grandmother's bed staring at that clock for the moment when all of the flaps would move - like 9:59. Time well spent!

My mom used to have a wind-up alarm clock. I remember hearing her crank the key right before bed. Now she has a fancy Bose alarm clock/radio/CD thingy.

So, times change.

Just the other night Israel switched from the "summer clock" to the "winter clock". It always messes me up for a couple of days. I wake up too early. My friend Demetri had an unpleasant surprise when he went last week to Ramallah for his weekly teaching gig. He got there an hour early. Turns out the folks over in Palestine changed their clocks on a different day than Israel.


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