Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Friends Star Makes Aliyah

Doesn't the girl on the bottom row, far left look like Lisa Kudrow? You might have to click on the picture a couple of times to make it big enough to see.

Aliyah is the process of immigration to Israel.


At 11/29/2005 12:11 PM, Blogger ontheface said...

Wow, she does look kinda like Kudrow - before the nose job. ;)

Isn't Kudrow a Member of the Tribe?

At 11/29/2005 12:17 PM, Blogger John said...

According to http://www.nndb.com/people/926/000025851/, yes she is!

At 11/30/2005 3:33 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Well, how cool is that?!? Neat find!

At 11/30/2005 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lisa kudrow look alike is actual Janine Kutleroff, CEO of IDT Global's call center


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