Friday, November 11, 2005

The Queen's English and Hebrew

I am following a murder trial (so uplifting!) back in Durham, NC. My friend Christa is keeping us all updated on her blog. I was reading an article about the trial in the Durham Herald-Sun and was struck by the following passage (the red highlighting was my touch):

One of the day's prosecution witnesses was Roy McNeil of Asheville, who said he handles a "cadaver dog" that found the scent of human remains in the trunk of Petrick's car and in the bedroom of his home. Since Sutphen's body showed no bullet or knife wounds and no marks on the neck, police contend she was fatally smothered with a pillow in an upstairs master bedroom. "The dog shown an aggressive alert on a bed pillow and bed linens," McNeil testified. "The whole upstairs area was basically a big scent area of decomposing human remains. "The dog, a Doberman named Kaiser, also "done a confirmed hit on the trunk of the car," McNeil said. "What I mean by a confirmed hit, he actually smells decomposing human remains. There was the scent of human remains coming from this trunk area. ... It indicated to me there had been decomposing human remains in the car at some time or other recently." McNeil said the dog was specially trained to detect only human remains, and not to be fooled by the carcasses of rabbits, squirrels, deer or "other critters." "I have to trust what my dog done," McNeil added. "The dog done exactly what he needed to do."

I don't want to take lightly the fact that this testimony is about a woman that was murdered. That's not what I am going for here. If you've ever seen Deliverance, I think that you can kind of imagine the kind of accent this guy is using. Now before you start calling me a snob and elitist, remember that I am from rural NC. Although, when people first meet me that often can't tell that I am Southern - well, at least not in the first 5 minutes.

My point here is - don't you think the dog handler discredits himself via his bad grammar and word choice? I hope the prosecution has some other "experts" to testify.

I am learning the difference between good Hebrew and bad Hebrew. I'm not just talking about the way Hebrew is spoken - fast and all slurred together. I am learning which phrases are slang and which ones should be used in more formal settings. But I'm pretty sure that Hebrew doesn't have an "ain't" equivalent.


At 11/12/2005 8:59 PM, Blogger Sam said...

"But I'm pretty sure that Hebrew doesn't have an "ain't" equivalent."

Too funny! I do love your writing style and choices of subjects.

How do you pronounce ghoti in English?

At 11/12/2005 9:01 PM, Blogger Savtadotty said...

I've given up on English or Hebrew grammar. I want to hear the dog's testimony!


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