Monday, January 23, 2006

Brokeback Mountain (הר ברוקבק)

We went to see Brokeback Mountain on Saturday night and I loved it! I have nothing but good things to say about it - story, music, cinematography - wonderful!

The very next day in ulpan we read the song/poem below. It was shocking how appropriate it was. My rough translation follows my Hebrew typing exercise. I changed some of the pronouns and verb conjugations to suit my purpose here.

ברית לא מותרת
מילים: אסתר שמיר

לכאורה עוד פגישה מיותרת
שני זרים נתקלים זה בזה
הוא מזכיר נשכחות הוא נזכר
הן זו יד המקרה

לכאורה רק שיחה מנומסת
המילים הטפלות ביותר
הוא פותח אשנב הוא נכנס
הן זו יד המקרה

אך מתחת לפני השטה
כל גופם רועד מאד
לא יוכלו להפרד שוב לבטח
כי לבם יקום וימרוד ,הו
אל תוותר עליו
אל תוותר
גורל הוא לא סתם תרח עיוור

לכאורה האויר עוד רגוע
לכאורה שום דבר לא יקרה
מה טוה ביניהם געגוע
הן זו יד המקרה

לכאורה עוד אפשר גם אחרת
לכאורה בידיהם הגלגל
אך קשורים הם בברית לא מותרת
בנשיקת הגורל

(my translation)
Forbidden Union
by: Astar Shamir

It seems like another unnecessary meeting
Two strangers run into each other
He recalls forgotten things, He remembers
That is the hand of fate

It seems like just a polite conversation
The words are mundane
He opens the window, He enters
That is the hand of fate

Beneath the surface
Their bodies are trembling
Surely, they will not be able to separate
Because their hearts will rise and rebel
Don't give up on him
Don't give up
Fate is not just an old blind man

It seems that the air is still calm
It seems like nothing will happen
Longing is sewn between them
This is the hand of fate

It seems as though it is possible to do otherwise
It seems as though the wheel is in their hands
But they are tied in a forbidden union
By a kiss of fate


At 1/23/2006 10:09 PM, Anonymous Sharon said...

1. I am astounded by how non-gendered the original is. It's really beautiful. I didn't know she wrote poems as well as songs.

2. Ypur translation is great. Consider my semi-professional opinion as very very impressed.

3. I believe her name is Astar and not Esther, but I may be wrong.

At 1/23/2006 10:11 PM, Blogger Sam said...

WOW. What a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing that.

At 1/23/2006 10:22 PM, Blogger John said...

Hey Sharon - Thanks! Hebrew is HARD!

I changed the gender in the original Hebrew poem too... don't tell. ;-)

You say Astar, I Esther. (I think that you're right and I am gonna change it!)

Yeah - I guess it is a song instead of a poem.

Thanks, Sam!


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