Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Tayelet Photos

I promise that this blog won't become like flipping through someone's photo album after their trip to wherever. But there have been several special requests from my dear readers for more photos...and I am happy to oblige.

This is a photo from the tayelet of west Jerusalem. This is the "new city" and downtown. These are predominately Jewish neighborhoods. If you use your imagination and pan with the camera to the right, the Old City is just cut off of the picture. I live near between the tallish building on the far left and the wide, tall building in the center-left of the photo. Click on the image to enlarge. See, Jerusalem isn't just old stuff. Jerusalem also sprawls out over the hillsides to the west from this photo. All of those suburbs are hidden by the hill.

This is a blooming almond tree. It's just on the other side of the wall of the old Jerusalem Leper Hospital. The almond trees are the first to bloom. They're blooming a little early this year though...but definitely a sign that spring is around the corner.

Here's an almond from last year on the sidewalk under the tree.

Lots of little pine cone-ish things. Some botanist please write me and tell me the correct name for this seed distribution device.


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