Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Yesterday my friend M and I went for a walk on the "tayelet" or promenade in East Talpiot, Jerusalem. The tayelet is a collection of parks created through the donations of several families. Parts of it are better maintained than others due to the economic situations of their respective foundations. In any case, the view is incredible.

I am going to post a series of pictures. I'll try to explain what you're looking at the best I can. I've got some other pics that I'll post later on too.

This is a view of neighborhoods to the Southeast of Jerusalem. The redbuds are blooming but it's definitely not spring yet.

Here you can see the Old City, its walls and the Dome of the Rock (gold roof).

Here's a shot of the Old City framed in one of the garden structures at the tayelet.

This is a broader view of the Old City and surrounding areas. The Mount of Olives is the hilltop on the far right side of the photo.

There was a guy herding his goats on the tayelet. The goats wear bells that added a nice tink-tink sound to our walk. The shepard carried a cell phone.

This is another view looking Southeast from Jerusalem. I forget the names of the towns and neighborhoods. You can see the grey concrete security barrier winding through these neighborhoods. Click on the images to enlarge. There is a dark grey band on the lower horizon. It's the hills of Moab - in Jordan.

More images of neighborhoods and the security barrier.

Some graffiti - it wouldn't' be Israel without it.


At 2/09/2006 12:07 AM, Blogger Sweettooth120 said...

I am not sure if you can still do this, but have you ever walked along the top of the wall the surrounds the Old City? If you can, it's really an awesome experience. The views are incredible.

At 2/09/2006 7:37 AM, Blogger John said...

Hey Sweettooth, You can walk along parts of the Old City walls starting at the David Citadal (sp?) Museum - one museum I haven't yet been to here. Thanks for the reminder!

At 2/09/2006 7:48 AM, Anonymous Kari said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. They were a breath of fresh air.. to see Israel, living in the US.

At 2/09/2006 8:31 AM, Blogger John said...

Hey Kari - thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear you enjoyed them!


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