Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kadima to Hell

I was at the shuk last Friday morning with Yaacov. It's the morning where it feels like all of Jerusalem is at the shuk getting ready for Shabbat. While on our shopping adventure, I overheard a shop keeper and another man joking about politics. One said to the other, "Kadima?! Kadima le gehenom!" Translation: Forward/straight to hell!

Kadima is the name of the new political party Arik Sharon created just before his stroke. Many people think that it will have a majority in the elections today...but probably not among the shop keepers at the shuk. Read this funny article about Tzipi Livni's (Kadima's Vice Prime Minister candidate) visit to the shuk and the Jerusalem mall.

My friend Matt took this picture of a poster board on his way to school. The poster in the lower left-hand corner has an image of Olmert (the Kadima PM candidate and former Jerusalem mayor) with some other folks. It reads, "Kadima (forward) to jail." The sign on top-center in big blue letters says, "A strong Likud, Israel secure."


At 3/30/2006 11:41 AM, Anonymous אביב said...

הייתי מאד רוצה לדעת מה יכולה מפלגת "חירות" (נץ) להציע לקהל הבוחרים הערבים, אולי כרטיס בכיוון אחד לירדן? חבל שלא למדתי ערבית.


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