Friday, March 17, 2006

Why I Don't Use My i-Pod

For Christmas I bought myself an i-pod mini. It's sleek, black, and super-cute. I bought a tough protective sleeve for it too after reading all of the whining about the screen getting scratched. I've found though that don't really use my i-pod. Right now it's at the bottom of my laptop bag with no charge.

Reasons why I don't use my i-pod:
1. Mixing: So, my pod doesn't have enough memory to hold all of my CDs. That means that I have to (gasp) CHOOSE which songs I want to listen to. It's hard to pick but more importantly it's time consuming! You can mix all kinds of playlists etc. It's a special kind of person that has the patience for that. There are too many choices and it takes too darn long to set it all up. I would almost pay someone to come and do this job for me.

2. Podcasts: For a while I really got into a couple of podcasts. If you don't know what a podcasts is, well, look it up. I have had a BIG cup of coffee this morning and have no patience to explain. Anyway, I am getting annoyed with some of my regulars and have stopped listening. Why? Some of them have begun to sound like one really L-O-N-G voice mail messages. You know the kind of messages that I am talking about - where the person leaving the message begins to have a conversation with you even though you're not really there. "Hi! This is John. OMG! You'll never believe who I just ran into! That's right! Bob! Gurrrl, he was lookin' so ragged! I mean, you know how he just broke up with Sally Sue. Well, he said that that slut tossed all of his junk right out into the street. You know, the Waiting to Exhale part of me says 'You GO girl!' but the rest of me knows that sweet Bob doesn't deserve to get his butt kicked.....yadda, yadda, yadda. Ok, well, call me!"

3. My ears hurt: After listening for a while, my ears begin to hurt where the earbuds fit in my ears. Need to buy different earphones.

One of the things I like about my i-pod (when I actually use it) is that it often makes my walks around Jerusalem more fun. Tyra Banks has nothing on my swish as I prance around town to my favorite tunes. Remember when Ally McBeal's therapist (LOVE Tracey Ullman!) suggested that she pick a theme song? Well, I've got a couple and they're actually loaded onto my pod. Maybe it wasn't a waste of money after all.


At 3/17/2006 5:19 PM, Blogger Adam said...

hahaha podcasts that sound like voice mail messages thats funny....oh wait a minute.

Some of them are like that. I equate them to the web pages of the 90s. You know the ones that you would go to by accident and get accosted by a barrage of unpleasant colors, patterns, and midi audio muzak.

At 3/17/2006 6:05 PM, Blogger John said...

Oh Adam, I love your 'cast... but I want to you give us all workout/beefcake/q-t pie advice!


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