Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Before I left for Georgia, I did a little searching on the internets and looked at pictures from this guy's trip there. I saw a funny hat that he found while in Georgia and I wanted to see if I could find one too - and I did!

Y's mom and I try on fuzzy, Caucasian wool hats! I bought one of course!
(Click on the images to enlarge them.)

Making the deal

Y trying on a hat too!

There were handmade socks for sale too. I think they're beautiful!

The hat rack.

The view from the "store" when you turn around.


At 4/18/2006 1:53 PM, Blogger Matt Erlandsen said...

Cool, that's what I call a wothgoing trip.

Tell us that's Georgia like!



At 4/18/2006 4:41 PM, Anonymous Shirat HaSirena said...

That hat is AWESOME! Can you wear it around when I meet you to give you the Peeps?? Can I take a picture of it? It's freaking awesome!

Glad you found one.


Off to do suburban American activities.
Missing Israel!

At 4/18/2006 6:07 PM, Blogger Sam said...

Love you in that hat!

At 4/18/2006 6:09 PM, Blogger Sam said...

I hope you got the one you're wearing in the pic! It looks fabulous on you! You look like a model!

It really is a great picture!


At 4/19/2006 7:19 AM, Anonymous Kari said...

I glad you accomplished your mission. It looks really good on you!

At 4/19/2006 9:04 AM, Blogger John said...

Matt: Check out upcoming posts for lots of stuff on Georgia!

SH: Of course, daaahling!

Sam: I am a model. You know what I mean. I shake my little toosh on the catwalk!

Kari: Thanks!

At 4/19/2006 4:51 PM, Blogger Coisas Judaicas said...

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