Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Sky Is Falling

Yesterday I was waiting in the check out line at the grocery store when the man behind me started a conversation with me. Actually, it was more like he was talking at me. I forget how the conversation started, but he ended up saying that he thought that the "end of days" will be in 2012. So, now you know...courtsey of the freak in line at the grocery store.

Sometimes I forget where I am. I mean there are people running around Jerusalem that have been looking forward to coming here their whole lives. They come with a bunch of their religious friends and attend meetings where they get all hyped up. On break they leave their hotels a hit the grocery store for snacks. That's where I bump into them when I am just trying to by Cheerios.


At 4/04/2006 7:08 PM, Blogger Savtadotty said...

I guess that's what happens when people try to make their grand dreams come true. I missed people like those when I moved from Manhattan to the suburbs. I like a certain amount of diversity in my daily life. Jerusalem gets more than its share: in fact it's a magnet.

At 4/05/2006 7:58 AM, Anonymous Kari said...

Isn't it beautiful that we all see the world in different ways. If we were only open enough to learn from one another... there is so much to share.

At 4/05/2006 9:05 AM, Anonymous Kari said...

We are all freaks in some way or another. I would rather be a freak following my dreams, then lost in the shuffle of life.

At 4/06/2006 6:10 AM, Blogger celestial blue said...


I adore you, ya know.
You're just so damn.... funny. And cute.
Maybe you should try and meet up with Sam and I this year? Let one of us know when you're on this side of the pond again..


At 4/07/2006 1:33 AM, Anonymous Sharon said...

The crazies is one of my favorite things about the city. Have you run into the guy with the cat on his shoulder who talks to the cat?

Also, it was nice seeing you!


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