Friday, April 28, 2006

Travels in Georgia: Days 6 and 7

On Day six of our trip to Georgia, we left Tbilisi for an overnight trip to Oni. I stole this map from the website of some folks that live in Oni (I do not live in Oni.):

We picked up some breakfast items at the market in Tbilisi.

We stopped at a roadside fruit stand.

We bought bread by the road too. All of these stalls have women in them making bread all day. See the wood covered, drum-shaped thing under the shed? That's an oven. The women wave loaves of bread at passing drivers - it was an interesting sight.

I made the driver stop so that we could shop here. Lots of interesting clay pieces. Many of our meals while in Georgia were served/cooked in clay bowls. We shopped and the potters demonstrated how good their pots were by banging on them with a stone. Hear that ring of quality? Yaacov's mother commented that you wouldn't have seen this 30 years ago when they lived in Georgia. Everything sold had to be sold in a shop approved by the Soviet government then. Plus she said that husbands then wouldn't let their wives do the selling!


And over the ridge - Winter! (I think I look confused and sleepy. - Actually I am sore because the road was crap and I was sitting in the back bumping around the mountains.)

We had to stop here because recent rains had washed the road out. We had to wait for bulldozers to bring some soil down from the mountain to make a new roadbed - adventure!

Oni from the other side of the river.

The weather was rainy and cold in Oni. We stopped by the synagogue where Y's parents ran into old friends. The Jewish area of town was mainly one street centered around the synagogue. An earthquake in 1991 seriously damaged most buildings in Oni making parts of them uninhabitable. However the synagogue was repaired by funding from the JDC.

We stayed at a super cute bed and breakfast - all 6 of us with a big dinner and big breakfast was just $100. This is the flower garden at the house.

Our host is busy making breakfast. Can you see all the loves of bread she made?! Can you find the cat? The cat hung out for the most part right under the wood stove. While stilling at the breakfast table we experienced a little earthquake - just a little rumble! It was neat and didn't cause any damage.

This picture is of Yaacov's mother's childhood home. Everybody sleeps in the same room - the one with the stove! The same woman that bought the house from Yaacov's grandparents still lives there!

Waterfall on the way back to Tbilisi the next day.


At 4/28/2006 9:34 PM, Anonymous Kari said...

Your pictures are phenomenal!

I love the one of the star of David in the synagogue with the light gently coming through the window.

It must of brought back a lot of memories for Y's family, and through your experiences opens a whole new world for the rest of us. Well at least me :).


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