Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where My Peeps At?

Sgt. Peeper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

A couple of friends are headed to the US in the next few of days. They asked what they could bring back to the Holy Land for me. I asked for Peeps! I imagine that they'll be super hard to get back here without some bumps and bruises...but it's just not Spring without Peeps!

If you like the image above, check out the other ones at this site.


At 4/06/2006 11:16 PM, Anonymous Shirat HaSirena said...

I'm going to try my best to bring the Peeps. We'll see if I succeed. Anyway, it's a good bargaining tool to get you to hang out with me again ;) Have fun in Georgia!!

At 4/08/2006 7:29 AM, Blogger Donnie said...

I think Peeps are SO gross! But I do hope you get your peeps, baby. xoxo!

At 4/09/2006 8:59 PM, Blogger RR said...

Have you ever put them in the microwave and watched them explode?

I know someone who likes to let them go stale before eating them. Yuck! I'm not much of a marshmallow person, but I hope yours make it through customs OK- without a peep, that is! (sorry, I couldn't resist)


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