Sunday, June 25, 2006

Your HaShir Shelanu Update

I know that you've been waiting on the edge of your desk chair for this update. So here it is! For you newbies, HaShir Shelanu is a popular Israeli soap opera. The guy in the shiny pants is straight - so they say. I don't know about the other guy. He's Or Cachlon, the winner of Nolad Lirkod or "Born to Dance". It's an Israeli dance contest kind of like American Idol...but Israeli and with dancing...but they have snarky judges though.


At 6/25/2006 3:48 PM, Anonymous Sharon said...

1. The American version on Nolad Lirkod is called "So You Think You Can Dance".

2. A picture of Or Cachlon topless and waving a Pride flag at the Jerusalem parade 3 years ago just resurfaced. Interestingly, he says he was there and with the flag because when he was a 15 year old kid in Hadera, going to Jerusalem for Pride was the coolest thing ever (which also accounts for the flag and toplessness). Here's the pictures, BTW.


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