Friday, July 07, 2006

22nd Annual Jerusalem Film Festival

Debra Winger and Jeff Goldblum were on hand last night to open the 22nd Annual Jerusalem Film Festival. In rough phonetic Hebrew Jeff said that he was excited to be in Jerusalem - and last night was indeed exciting! The opening night of the Jerusalem Film Festival was attended by a full house, a crowd of 5000, in the Sultan's Pool Amphitheater at the foot of the Old City's walls. The Jerusalem Film Festival is part of the life work of Lia Van Leer who has been a tireless advocate for culture in Jerusalem.

The opening movie was Someone to Run With, an adaptation of the best selling novel by David Grossman. I enjoyed this movie and thought that it was well done for the most part. Israeli cinema - a mirror of Israeli life and culture - is not as polished at what Hollywood produces. I think that this adds an element of authenticity to Israeli films. This was evident in Someone to Run With and I liked it.

Last night as we huddled against the Jerusalem summer evening chill, (It was cold and I even had on a sweater! The daytime high was 89 degrees F though - welcome to the desert!) we were sitting behind the family of the movie's star, Bar Belfer. They had a whole row for family and friends. The younger girls were dressed in a revealing Israeli style and the grandfather kept pulling on their dresses and shirts as they stood up to cover them up a little more - SABA! Another of the movie's stars is a yellow Labrador retriever. As we were exiting the amphitheater, I got to pet this star! That's one really cool thing about Israel - people are approachable here still and there a community feeling at these kinds of events that's absent in the US.

Earlier in the day, Y and I had a little argument. I wanted him to check and see if I could bring my bag into the amphitheater. We had planned to bring snacks from home and I didn't want to haul them all there just to be told I couldn't bring them in. (I know, this is Israel! What was I thinking? Of course you can bring them in - and even no isn't a no.) Anyway, we bought our snacks. It was a good idea too because there weren't vendors in the amphitheater. There were though traditional Jerusalem snacks being sold outside- bagel-le with zatar.


At 7/07/2006 2:33 PM, Blogger Esther Kustanowitz said...

Love Jeff Goldblum, obviously. I'll teach him Hebrew, if he wants. Did you ever see The Tall Guy?

At 7/07/2006 7:18 PM, Blogger Savtadotty said...

Food trumps security in Israel (dont tell the Bad Guys).

At 7/11/2006 5:36 AM, Blogger Sweettooth120 said...

I loved going to the Sultan's pool for concerts. I saw two awesome ones there - James Taylor and Leonard Bernstein, conducting the 1812 Overture.

At 7/12/2006 4:36 AM, Blogger Sam said...

SOunds like lots of fun. I just watched Junebug, an indy film shot in NC. It's great!!! Can you get it there? Shall I get a copy and send it with the book?


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