Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Jerusalem Post Gets It Wrong (Again)

Yesterday I wrote about a recent article in the Jerusalem Post. The Jpost reported that the Israeli police were meeting soon and "expecting to decide this week" whether to allow WorldPride to take place.

I took issue with one totally inappropriate comment in the "talkback" section of the online edition. The outrageous comment is still on the site after directly contacting the reporter and the email address he provided to address my complaint.

Last night I learned that the planners of WorldPride, the Jerusalem Open House, contacted the Israel police responsible for issuing the permits for the parade out of concern from reading the article. The police said that there were no current plans to meet regarding this issue and that the article in the Jerusalem Post was misinformed.

If you go back and read the article, the reporter doesn't reveal his sources. He only says, "Jerusalem police are expected to decided...". Had he spoken with the police and checked his story - well, there wouldn't be a story - and he could have written "According to the Israeli police...". The rest of the article is just regurgitation of previous articles printed in the Jpost.


At 7/04/2006 1:05 PM, Blogger Aviv said...

You have to hate the Israeli press, it lacks the lowest level of integrity.


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